A Word From Ron – Yes, Your God-ness

Something many people know about me is that I have a background in IT. Over the years it helped me when finances were tight in the early days of ministry, but now I mostly use it for the ministry and to help an occasional friend in need.

One thing about computers is that they tend to be consistent. Yes, I often see some of the same problems over and over again, but what I really mean is that they “act up” no matter who the user is and nine times out of ten, the problem is usually with the user.

The computer isn’t selective about who it’s going to act up for, it has no personal vendetta with one user over another, it is fair, unbiased, and operates with full equality. But most people, not IT people, really don’t believe it. They think the computer is to blame, when it is actually the user. IT people walk in and discover no problems whatsoever… until the user gets in the driver seat, and then it all becomes clear.

Often, I hear people question God in the same way with questions like, “Why does one person regularly seem to receive His blessing while others are “unfairly” treated?” Truth is, God is uncapable of being unfair, His righteousness guarantees this.

The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works. Psalm 145:17. KJV

The Psalmist reminds us of this truth, that God, and only God can be righteous, or often translated lawful or just. No matter what situation, path, direction, or decision that God is faced with, the only way He can answer is consistent with all of His attributes, which means He cannot be unfair! We will get a perfect and fair answer to every situation or question we face.

It’s further clarified in His holiness, His “God-ness”, his Godliness! He is God! He doesn’t show favoritism, He doesn’t show preference, His decisions made on our behalf are not in comparison with others, but specifically and especially designed for us, individually. So, when we are tempted to look at one another asking why God would appear to favor the needs of others over ourselves, we must keep in mind, there is no favor involved. His love and concern is for us individually. He doesn’t split it up, He cannot base it on the presence of others. He is fair and just to us, to me! He is my God. He can focus entirely on me and my needs which is an impossible thing for us to comprehend, but like many of the other things of God, we must accept by faith.

He wants what is best for you, according to His God-ness. Let’s be prepared to be open and willing to accept His perfect decision, and say yes, to His God-ness.

Dr. Ronald J. Barnes, Jr.


June 21, 2023

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