A Word From Ron – Known for Who not What

In recent years, it has been hard seeing people that I love and admire pass away. It’s interesting from time to time to hear what people have to say about them when they are gone. I think a lot about my biggest hero. He was a Godly leader, a visionary, a captivating speaker, and an inspirational Christian. But to me he was just my grandpa.

Most people could attest to all these same things about my grandpa, people observed this consistent behavior of giftedness throughout his life and ministry. These were all things that were visible even for people who weren’t very close to him. So, for the things he did, his job, his ministry, his influence, he was a very influential and capable leader and worthy of being admired.

But I knew him for who he was, not just what he did. And to know a person intimately, beyond his “acts,” to know who he is or was and still admire him, is perhaps one greatest achievement and the greatest complement one could receive. To be consistent in the divide between our acts and who we really are is a trait rare to men and women, even among Christians.

David refers to God in a similar way.

And men shall speak of the might of thy terrible acts: and I will declare thy greatness. Psalm 145:6. KJV

There is sense in where the original word translated “terrible” could be used as a negative. While it also could be translated “awesome,” it doesn’t really change the big picture. To translate it as men “speaking” of His terrible acts could see how God acts and realize He is indeed powerful. They see His “might” even if from their perspective they don’t understand why He chooses to do things the way He does.

But I think that word “terrible” is better translated awesome. By and large all mankind observes the acts of God, even if they don’t have faith in Him, and attribute awe and wonder at His strength. But those who truly know Him, intimately experience the strength and might of His awesome acts and instead of referring to His great works, His great acts, refer to the greatness of He, Himself, worshipping the Creator and not the Creation.

Mankind, even Christians, often become too enamored with all He has done, all He has created, and entirely neglect drawing closer to Him because of it!

David reminds those who have placed their faith in God, that a proper perspective, a proper recognition of His strength and power is not in what He has done but in who He is. That every true Believer should make Him known, His greatness! That ought to be the model for each of us. That we might be known for demonstrating Him, His greatness through our lives, Godliness for who we are, and not just what we did!

Dr. Ronald J. Barnes, Jr.

President / CEO

May 1, 2023

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