A Word From Ron – Waiting At the Gate

Many years ago, I landed in a small airport that bordered South Sudan around the same time another UN and World Food Program plane landed. As I waited for my luggage to arrive, I saw dozens of workers feverishly unloading the plane onto to waiting trucks, and then the plane turned right back around and took off.

As our driver pulled out of the airport, we found ourselves following behind this convoy of trucks all the way to the same refugee camp we were headed to. Tens of thousands called this camp their home and nearly all of them depended on the World Food Program to provide them with meals. As immigrants they couldn’t legally work in this country and so were totally dependent on the “WFP”.

Pulling up to the compound we saw children excitedly covering every square inch of the fence, happily waving, and smiling. As we pulled in past the security checkpoint, we drove through what seemed like a parade of hundreds of little children following us all the way to another fenced in and guarded compound. They weren’t following our van, but rather the truckloads of food that within a few short hours would be distributed among them.

Many of these children, along with the rest of their families hadn’t eaten in some time, some over a week. These regular deliveries of food were literally their “lifeline” to survival. Most of us will never have to know this type of hunger and need to survive.

Contrary to what we see in many movies and documentaries, this was a peaceful and organized distribution of food, everyone would receive their portion in due time. This was something these refugees could count on, almost without exception. Their allotment, with regularity would be available if they will just wait.

The eyes of all wait upon thee; and thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing. Ps 145:15–16. KJV

The Psalmist here paints a picture of a similar relationship between God and each of us. Like those children at the fence, since God has been regularly and continually faithful, we can look expectantly (wait) to Him, for even our most basic needs, when He determines the right time is. No matter how many times those children run to the fence, waiting for trucks, there is a well thought out plan and process that their (and our) simple and limited minds cannot fathom. Thankfully, God knows all the seasons, He created them, He put them into motion, and he intends to deliver accordingly.

And like those truck workers distributing those bags of food, who put into the hands of the hungry, the very things they need to satisfy their greatest physical needs, this is such a wonderful picture and reminder of our God giving us what we need when He determines we most need it. We too can wait at the “gate”, looking expectantly, knowing that in due season the hand of the Lord will open and satisfy us.

Dr. Ronald J. Barnes, Jr.


June 13, 2023

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