A Word From Ron – A See-Through Window

Traveling around the world has afforded me some amazing opportunities and sights. I have seen some of the world’s best musicians, artists and architects. A few have I met in person, but mostly I have seen their skill, their perfection, their dedication in their product, which tells me a lot about the creator.

I’ve always wished I had some profound skill or ability, but really, while I can do a lot of things well, none amount to any form of near perfection. I’ve wondered at times if I am just not a patient enough person, who knows, maybe one day I will be, but for now, the Lord has just given me a practical amount of ability for my tasks.

I’ve also seen the fruit of gifted people, not in art or design, but in their circle of influence. Teachers, pastors, missionaries, leaders, even parents, who the fruit of their influence is profoundly evident. Children who love the Lord and follow Him, students inspired to learn, employees eagerly following the lead of their employer, and church members modeling and following their shepherd. Sadly, I don’t see this enough but when I do, it’s exceptionally motivating for me to be the type of leader and shepherd that the lives under my influence would see the utmost examples of Christlikeness. I’m not there, but it’s still my goal.

Psalm 145:10 points to a perfect example of this:

All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee. Psalm 145:10 KJV

God is the quintessential example of an artist, who’s handiwork glorifies its Creator. For centuries, mankind has tried to improve on, recreate, or modify this creation, and no one ever has, nor ever will. That in itself, the perfection of God’s creation is enough to show Him praise, but the infinite beauty, the flawless design, and the intricate detail of it all ought to be proof enough to all mankind, that He truly is the Master of creation, and worthy of the praise that it shows Him.

How can His saints not show Him praise in no less measure. And it’s my desire that my “handiwork” would never get in the way of drawing people to His. I pray that God uses my life like a see-through glass window to see Him clearly.

Dr. Ronald J. Barnes, Jr.


May 22, 2023

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