PLAN YOUR WEEK in such a way that will lend itself to faithful, punctual attendance at the Bible institute. Consistent attendance will produce maximum results. You will attain the goals you have set for yourself in terms of the completion of each STEP by consistent attendance.

PRAY over your study of the Word. Human ability is not enough, the energies of the human mind are not sufficient in themselves. The Christian student requires the ministry of the Holy Spirit in order to understand the sense of the Word, and whereby proper application can be made to one’s personal life. Pray that God will translate your studies into life and activity for Christ.

BE PATIENT AND PERSISTENT. You will not learn it all at once. You will learn truth by truth, lesson by lesson. Do not be discouraged if a portion of the study seems to be more difficult than another. Be patient and stick to it. You will master the lesson in due time, and as you progress in the Word, you will be happy that you persisted in your program of study. Study pays rich dividends in terms of knowledge, personal experience, and usefulness to God.


The completion of this STEP should enable you:

  1. To identify the philosophical roots that produced a demand for suicide and euthanasia.
  2. To trace the influence of this philosophy upon society.
  3. To explain how a wrong philosophy leads unavoidably to hopelessness and despair.
  4. To describe the difference between removing life supports from a dying patient and the act of “Mercy Killing.”
  5. To identify the reasons for suicide and to describe some of the signs which precede suicide.
  6. To give an authoritative answer to important questions about death and dying.
  7. To counsel those who are confused about passivism and war.
  8. To answer the question, “can there be a just war”?
  9. To defend a true biblical position on these profound issues.