Introduction to Part Two of the Course

This text is taken from Dr. H. A. Ironside’s book on Galatians and used by permission of Loizeaux Brothers Inc., publishers.

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Dr. Ronald James Barnes Jr., BS., MDiv., D.Lit. (Hon.)

Author: Dr. Harry A. Ironside

Editor: Dr. Gerald L. Stover

Programmers: George and Charlotte Syme

H.A. Ironside, internationally beloved Bible teacher and preacher, was author of more than 60 volumes as well as many pamphlets and articles on Bible subjects. His writings include commentaries or addresses on the entire New Testament and all of the prophetic books of the Old Testament. For 18 years Dr. Ironside pastored the famous Moody Memorial Church in Chicago. He retired in 1948 to devote himself to writing and conference speaking. He went to be with the Lord on January 15, 1951.